Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Pantry & Laundry Room Makeover

We spent the long Thanksgiving weekend putting the final touches on our pantry and laundry room area.
This room has been half way finished for many months and now it was finally time to finish it off.

Our pantry and laundry area is located right off the kitchen.....just beyond the arch.

Just to the left, is an old french shop cabinet I keep linens and things in.  I refinished it by scraping at least three coats of paint off of it,before freshening it up with a neutral color.

We recently inherited many pieces that belonged to Tom's Mother, Grandmother and Auntie who were of Swedish heritage.  I mixed a few of the favorites with some of the rustic wooden pieces we found in France.

The blue and white clock belonged to his grandparents. His Aunt and Uncle (now in their 80's) remember this clock hanging above their kitchen table when they were kids.  Far too many pretty pieces to keep stored in a box!

and to the right is the laundry area. 

We salvaged the handmade tiles from the old kitchen in this house before we renovated. They were so unique I wanted to use them again somewhere.

We decided to use salvaged barn wood for the countertop and the shelves in this area.  Tom found another great resource for salvaged barn wood.

We took a short trip to visit American Barn and Wood to check out their inventory.

They had a great selection of barn wood complete with the age, photos and history of the old barns.

The countertop in our laundry area is made from oak floor planks from this old barn..."The Hudsonville Barn" an 1870's beauty from Hudsonville, Michigan.

We also bought wood for a few other projects from this old barn out of Indiana.  It's so cool to actually see photos of the barns and to learn about how they were used.

A great resource for anyone looking for authentic old beams or barnwood!

 Tom securing our handpicked timbers for the ride home!

Hope you enjoyed the tour and thank you for following along!!

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