Sunday, August 4, 2013

Country Garden & Landscapes At The Local County Fair

While working on our country place last weekend, we decided to take some time out and attend the county fair. This county is still so new to us so it's nice to be able to attend any community events while we are in town.

What wonderful displays in the landscape and garden areas!  I would love something like this little shed to house our well pump and other unsitely equipment on the property....and where can I find this post and lamp?  It would be perfect for the barn house.

The old wheel barrow is perfect alongside the patina of the barn wood.

Clever use of barn wood here, this one resembles a little country bridge.  I like this lamp post too!

Great little planters like these were placed throughout the grounds. We'll be making some of these for the barn house as well. 

This beautiful pavillion was made from old logs and this teepee is formed with long pieces of tree bark. So unique and creative.

We couldn't believe the size of this old steam saw on display. It was used in saw mills in the early 1900's. We missed the saw in action cutting some of the huge logs shown below.

Naturally in this agricultural community there were vintage tractors on display. Our John Deere isn't this cute, shiny or clean! 

Such fun..... now back at the barn house......

We're making  progress on the interior. The kitchen was gutted last weekend by our son and his friends who have been frequent visitors to our little compound :)  Nice demo work guys!     Tom will replace drywall, texture walls and ceilings and install new lighting before we reassemble the entire space.

Joe, Katy and our son Dan

Dan, left and Joe waiting to check out the rodeo at the fair

 It's getting close to harvest time in our little valley....this photo was taken at our neighbors vineyard. I can't wait to experience the harvest season here.  These are Zinfindel vines, beautiful to look at and very sweet tasting:).


The little country road on our property dead ends at his vineyard.  Absolutely breathtaking!

I've managed to squeeze in some shopping at a few antique stores and am adding to my inventory of items for the barn house.  I will share soon in another post.  Thanks for following along :).
Cheers for now!!

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