Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Rustic and Sophisticated Venue in Carmel Valley

There are few places here on the Monterey peninsula that rival the serene beauty of Pebble Beach, and the charm of Carmel by the Sea, but thirty minutes into the rustic foothills of Carmel Valley lies a gorgeous estate and vineyard turned "venue" that is one of the most beautiful backdrops for an outdoor wedding.

This is Holman Ranch and Vineyards
Scott Campbell Photography

Yes, a wedding has been added to our busy to do list!  One of our twin daughters will be married in the summer of 2015 and this beautiful venue has been chosen to gather and celebrate with family and friends.

In a word, this place is "special".  Have a look.  I took the following photos while viewing the property recently:

The spanish  hacienda was constructed of carmel stone and is nestled amongst beautiful  gardens and mature oaks.

Originally built in 1928 the estate even served as an exclusive retreat for many Hollywood celebrities.

Its hard to imagine this estate could look more beautiful than this, but I've seen the photos of the gardens in spring and summer and it is absolutely stunning.

The large lawn area is a perfect place for a wedding ceremony

The terrace would be lovely for serving cocktails after a ceremony

Tom taking it all in-

This courtyard is beyond words.  A perfect spot for taking photos of a beautiful bride.

This rose garden courtyard is for seating a large group of guests for dinner

The interior of the estate remains true to it's hacienda style incorporating a perfect blend of rustic wood, iron fixtures and plenty of leather furniture.

The pool sits just below the ceremony lawn and even includes a small gym inside the cabana.

While the vines at this time in winter are dormant, they are lush and green by springtime.

For more information, history and photos, I've provided a link to Holman Ranch here. 

Wish me luck in the wedding planning as 2014 is shaping up to be a very busy year for me!!
Take Care,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Courtyard updates at the beach house!

Hello!  Having enjoyed some real down time over the holiday, we extended our little break and savored every weekend of free time in January.  Beach walks with the dogs, and time with family and friends were the only things on our immediate to do list.  Yay!!!  Well besides our real jobs :).

It's been awhile since I've shared any updates from our Pebble Beach home, but it's where the majority of our projects will be for the next six months or so. 

Our courtyard has a few updates-

The galvanized lantern hangs from an old beam we purchased from our friends at American Barn & Wood.  I plan to plant wisteria around the beam in the spring.

 It should look nice by  the existing wisteria on the arbor over our front entry.  Its already starting to sprout and  should be in beautiful bloom  by April

Tom finished the grape stake fencing around the entire courtyard.   Do you like our little charlie brown pine tree?  It may eventually  be transplanted in the back garden, but for now it kind of anchors the corner of our driveway.

 We added a few cobblestone borders around some of the planting areas. The taller cobblestone retaining walls were actually built by the original owners.

 and I've added a few french garden pieces. I can't wait to do more spring planting in here soon.

We are remodeling our hall bathroom now and I plan share more of that progress soon as well.

As for the barn house....

The barn house has a few new occupants at the moment so progress there has been sidelined for the short term, but I assure you its all good!

Our little grandson Mason and his parents moved back to California and are living in the barn house for now

 He spent his first birthday with us at the beach.   A warm sunny weekend in January. I know, crazy weather but I loved every minute of it :)

 So sweet!

and now you know what we've been up to:)  Life is good!   I'll be back soon with photos and progress on our bathroom makeover.  Take Care!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Snowy Update From The Barn House!

 A snowy weekend left us spending most of our time tending to frozen pipes and well pumps, but what an appropriate scene for a December weekend!   Enjoy the wintery shots below along with a few updates.

I did manage to snap some photos of the bedroom our son is staying in.  He is living at the property while working at a local winery.

The snow outside the window left quite a glare in the photo above, but what a beautiful view!

I have such a fondness for one of a kind treasures I find while scouring shops and fairs. This little water color painting was done on a piece of regular copy paper taped to cardboard.... I love that!

We have half of the kitchen cabinets re-faced in the barn wood and will likely not finish the rest until after the holidays :(,  but here's a sneak peak anyway-  

The patina and character of this ash wood is just lovely. I cannot wait to finish this kitchen!

I'll be using black leather pulls like these on the cabinets. I thought it would add a nice modern touch to the distressed wood and compliment the stainless steels appliances.

We look forward to sharing our progress after the holiday season.

Thank you all for following along and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

All the best,

Monday, November 4, 2013

Antique Shopping for the Barnhouse

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to update on our progress, but as you can see the barnhouse exterior is nearing completion. Charming in its new coat of red and white don't you think?

We are also close to finishing the interior and within the next several weeks I'll be sharing photos of the completed and furnished rooms!  As busy as as we have been making the long distance trek each weekend to work on this little place, I have managed to pop by my favorite antique shops for a few new interior pieces.

Some of the antique pieces are from a shop I recently discovered that has a history of acquiring pieces from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia. Here are a few of my favorites-

 I bought this hungarian spice rack from the shop owners personal collection. I must have a few more of these, they are lovely when displayed together. They are now on my wishlist! (that was a hint Tom)!

This beautiful rust colored armoire came home with me.  This piece is from the Czech Republic and dates back to the 1890's.  We plan to use it in our family room.

I love this enormous hungarian chest of drawers.  This dark oak is beautiful against our white bedroom walls.

This darling pine table is also hungarian- I didn't buy it at the time and I'm secretly hoping no one else has! I've come up with the perfect place for it if it's still available.

This teak chair is a bit quirky, and will be perfect in a bedroom.

I thought this old Russian cupboard would look great painted black- I didn't buy for the barnhouse, but wish I had a place for it somewhere.

and more beautiful pine from the Czech Republic

At another one of my favorite shops I found this pair of bentwood chairs- perfect for a small dining table.

and these art books were an absolute find!   I am thrilled with these:)   I plan to have several of the reprints framed for the barnhouse.

I look forward to sharing interior photos with you soon!  Thank you for following along!

Fall colors in the local vineyards

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