Saturday, June 27, 2015

Let the Land Clearing and Renovations Begin!

A bulldozer spent days clearing several acres of land to prepare for the spring planting of our vineyard. Many trees were cut down and piles of brush burned for weeks!

A water storage system and deer fencing will follow, but for now we are getting a clearer view of our beautiful heritage oaks.

We will also begin renovations on the house in the next few months.  Building permit is in and new windows have arrived.   I am excited to begin the transition from little red barn house to rustic european farmhouse complete with stucco exterior, new roof, windows and a terrace.

The existing house has a horrible deck around part of it that will be torn down and entrances in front and rear will be relocated to make better use of the existing floor plan.  It sits on top of a hill and with more land clearing in the fall will have even better views of the foothills and vineyards below.

We will be traveling to France in July to shop for pieces to use in the renovation and for use in future development on the property.  So excited about this trip!!

I am now on instagram at  #europeanfarmhousecharm and will begin posting photos on our progress.


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