Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Guest Studio Renovation!!

The last several weeks have been crazy busy at work and with as many projects going on at home, We simply don't have enough hours in the day to do all we need to do!  Despite the craziness, we have managed to put most of the finishing touches on our guest studio renovation.

  This is the kitchenette decorated with many of the items we bought while brocante hunting in France.  We love using the Travertine mini slabs rather than a full slab.  It gives the look of a chunky antique stone and is a very inexpensive alternative.

Rather than tear out the existing lower cabinet, Tom took the doors off  and  re-framed it with Hardy backer board so he could plaster over it. The walls and the cabinet get  a coat of pink primer to prep before applying the limestone plaster.

  Tom made the shelves from the same recycled  oak barnwood as the closet. They are beautiful, but why didn't I remember to dust them off before taking this photo:)??  

The super comfortable new bed

and the beautiful gray board timbers in the ceiling......Exquisite!

This Pediment is inset into the limestone plaster above the bed. The wood and this plaster are perfect together!  I had not seen many of these until I came upon a stack of while shopping the gardens of Atelier de Campagne.  I instantly knew this is how I would use it!

The cozy little eating nook...

and the completely renovated bathroom.

The bathroom  countertop is made from antique terra cotta pavers. I love the way it turned out!
Tom did the same on this original cabinet...took the doors off, reframed and plastered it.

  I still have a bit of accessorizing in the bathroom and we are waiting for the shower enclosure and some plumbing fixtures to come in.  Tom tiled the shower in beige travertine.

And just for fun, here is a before photo of the studio....that wallpaper was really awful!

and the after! 

Another project almost done!!   I'll share the patio and garden shots in another post.

Take Care,


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