Saturday, March 16, 2013

Barnhouse Envy!

I wish I could say I'm back after a nice break- but since I've been busy working my tail off, I'll just say-the past several weeks have been very busy around our little house. Beams were installed in our den and Tom is busy plastering, so as of this writing we are surrounded by drywall dust and plaster!! 

In bit of a whirlwind trip we  found ourselves making a offer to buy some acreage in a small rural community surrounded by vineyards.  Fingers crossed it all works out for us!   Naturally it has an old little home that needs renovating (yay!) and ever since I have been experiencing such Barnhouse Envy!!

My favorite is from Heritage Barns
I love the mix of stone and old barn wood. It's perfect together.

Photo from Heritage Barns

I think I'm drawn to the simplicity of some of these barn homes. It provides so many possibilities-my little renovating wheels are already turning!  
The red barn wood is so vintage country. Very cute.

Photo Matt Wargo  Architectual Digest

I sure love the rustic vibe of the salvaged barn wood used on this little beauty!  Sigh....

Photo William Waldron Architecual Digest

and I'm even envisioning some interior color schemes for a cute little barn house. I love the use of the gray barn wood in this bedroom. It provides a more modern country look.

Photo from Pinterest

I absolutely love the spread in Country Living magazine on Actors Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays home.
I would love to try the painted barn wood cabinets in a kitchen.

Photo: Max Kim-Bee

or even better in a little bathroom.  I'm so loving this whole look!

Photo  Max Kim- Bee

So keep fingers crossed for us and hopefully we'll have our next renovation project in the hopper!  But for now we need to focus on finishing our current projects and cleaning the plaster mess off all my wood floors!

Have a great weekend!

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