Saturday, September 7, 2013

Progress at the Barnhouse

We are four months into this renovation and  we are making noticeable progress inside and out. I took this photo with my zoom lens from the street looking up into the hill where the barn house is perched.   So many huge oak trees!!

 The kitchen is finally taking shape.  Tom tiled the counter tops and back splash with a light tumbled stone

and barn wood was used to frame the counters

The kitchen cabinets here are inexpensive bases that will be covered in barn wood .  The existing cabinet doors and drawers you see here will be taken off and Tom will make and replace with barn wood fronts.

The barn wood strips we will use are from larger pieces of wood Tom will cut to fit the cabinets.  The piece on the left is in its raw state, the pieces next to it have been sanded to a nice natural finish.  I'm liking the natural wood so much, its making me rethink my choice of stain for the hardwood floor.  I may stay with the natural finish of the white oak instead of the gray stain I have chosen.   I'll need to wait and see how it all looks together. 

The range and hood were installed and we are working to complete the hardwood floor so the built in refrigerator can be installed.  It will replace the tiny little fridge and microwave shown here:)

Our son has been a huge help and has been laying most of the hardwood floor so Tom can focus on other projects.

Like this one.....our barn wood staircase! We didn't want the traditional staircase and came up with this design that suited a more modern country vibe without looking too bulky. Tom did a great job on this.  We also plan to leave the wood in its natural state and will seal it with a matte finish

Most of the barn wood we are using is ash wood and when sanded it leaves such a beautiful natural finish.

All the barn wood used in this house is from American Barn and Wood.  A really lovely couple own and operate this business and it appears their business of reclaiming these old barns is really thriving!

The walls in the kitchen and family room will be covered in plank paneling.
I have a few planks I painted and placed on top of this old redwood mantel so you get the idea.

I found the old mantel at a local antique mall I frequent.  I was told it was over one hundred years old and at the time it was covered in baby blue textured paint Yikes!   A few coats of white chalk paint though and a bit of sanding and it's perfect.

and how cute is this little bird house?  I could not resist this. It looks a bit like the barn house! 

 Harvest time is now upon us and the wineries are all a buzz in grape picking and crushing. I love how the vineyards are changing colors.  Such a beautiful little valley we have found:)!!

 My next post will include photos of some of the beautiful hungarian antique pieces I purchased from a local antique shop. It's a little gem of a place:)! 

Cheers everyone!


  1. Hi, Sarah -
    Looking great! Enjoyed this update - sounds like a lot of progress. The natural patina of the ashwood is indeed beautiful. Cool staircase. And I look forward to seeing the Hungarian pieces.

  2. I am a new visitor Sarah, and can see your vision.
    Would love to be in your shoes right now.

    Keep inspiring your beauty.

  3. Hi Sarah.... came across your blog via My French Country Home. I love what you are doing to your little cottage. We are in the process of renovating an ancient farmhouse in the southwest of France, working slowly through the house one room at a time. When we are home in California, just down the coast from you in Cambria, we are gathering ideas and making plans for the next trip. Like you we are doing all the work ourselves and what a lot of work! But all a labor of love. is a blog for family and friends to watch our progress, stop by anytime!


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