Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Beautiful Patina of 80 year old Grape Stake Fencing

A cottage or European farmhouse look would not be complete without some type of rustic fencing.
When thinking about fencing for our home, we loved the thought of using old recycled grape stakes to add instant patina and charm.

We loved the looks below....

The bench built into this fence was quite clever!

Most grape stakes today are made of cedar and will gray over time as in many of the photos above, but we really loved the slightly darker patina of the old redwood grape stake for our home. Redwood grape stakes are no longer made but are often recycled and resold.  

Tom went searching and found a raisin farmer that was changing out his 80 year old grape stakes for a more popular metal stake to use in his vineyards. 


Two truck and trailer loads later.....we had stacks of them! 

We love the color and texture. Many of the old stakes are in 4 or 5 foot lengths only, so in areas where we wanted a taller fence or gate, Tom had to get a little creative with his design.

 He cut, stacked and nailed them together to create taller fencing.....

and a few gates.

The design is so unique!

The patina of the garden elements add just the right pop of color against brown/gray of the grape stakes.  Both copper elements are original to our home and used to grace the prior owners garden gates in our back garden.

Our courtyard fencing was made using the 4 foot lengths.

We also used the stakes to create an arbor at the front entry.  Our wisteria vines have lots of nooks and crannies to grow around.

We are very happy with the look.  A combination of sustainable and beautiful!

 By the way, we have made great progress in our guest studio renovation and are almost ready to reveal, so stay tuned!

Take care,


  1. Greetings Sarah -
    You two are amazing! Tom is so handy and clever. The fencing looks wonderful and very special. I love its patina and charm. Another fabulous project done! And I am looking forward to the reveal of the guest studio :-)

  2. How lovely! It adds tons of character to your already beautiful home. I just found your blog - it's great! I'll be back...Barbara

    1. Barbara, thank you for finding me:) I appreciate your kind comment
      Take care,

  3. 5 stars Sarah! (Where did you find such a handy husband?!).

    And I get to stay at the guest house when I pop over for a visit - right?! (:

    Thank you for your nice comment over at Tina's!

    ox, Mon

    1. Mon, you're a mind reader too!!:) Yes, absolutely! We are planning to make the guest studio available for vacation rental at some point to blogger friends. I only wish I could clone my handy hubby and market him!! He's as kind as he is talented, I absolutely know his Swedish Roots are responsible. Good blood indeed!

  4. Wow - really great stuff! I live in Lancaster PA and just built a gate out of some great old barn wood of the same color. it turned out pretty well.

    I like the idea of the smaller pickets to make a fence - very nice.

  5. i know this is way late in the game but my wife and I are considering this type of fencing. For the Fence we love the stakes attached to each other to create the tall fencing. Question: How did he nail these together vertically? What type of framing did he put behing the grape stakes to hold it up? Thank you for any response and your assistance.

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