Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Sneak Peak at our Guest Studio Renovation

We're making great progress inside our cozy little guest studio so I thought I would give you a sneak peak of a few of the highlights

Even Coachie is excited to sneak a peak!

When we visited Vintage Timberworks to buy wood for our garage door makeover, we also
picked out some barnwood for a few other projects. 

Tom loves working with wood, so when I decided to go with a french country design in the guest studio, he wanted to add a few extra special touches. 

This is one....

He made a closet door from the timbers.  The barnwood timbers are oak and after a light sanding with my orbital sander (the only power tool I know how to use!) the beauty of the oak really came through. 

I applied a light coat of wax after sanding to help restore lustre and shine. I love the richness of the oak grain.

Another special touch....

Gray board ceiling timbers and limestone plaster walls

And some beautiful French Brocante!

We are taking a few days off from renovating, but this project is really coming along!


  1. Hi Sarah
    I've had the joy of stumbling across your wonderful blog! I've travelled back in time through your home renovation from its conception through to real time and I'm so impressed by the amazing thought and creativity you've put into this project. The front door is beautiful, conveying exactly the french look you had in mind. The fireplace is incredible, well done to Tom! Really well done for such an incredible transformation, you must be so very proud of your (now) BEAUTIFUL home:-)

    Have a great weekend and you guys keep on renovating! you're so good at it!
    Fiona xx

  2. Fiona,
    Thank you for stopping by! We are taking a few days off, but no rest for the weary! We'll be back at the project next week:)

  3. Well, hello, Coachie!! Whatcha up to?

    Sarah, I love the door made from the old timber planks. I wish we lived near you and Tom. Would go check you out all the time. You two are very talented, and I'm so happy to follow all your projects.

    Cheers from DC,

  4. Hi Sarah - I just discovered your boards on Pinterest. Sorry but I'm a bit slow, haha. Look forward to following you there as well :)
    Hope all is well.


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