Monday, September 10, 2012

Brocante Hunting in The French Countryside

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a vacation, but in the best possible way!  We just spent 4 glorious days brocante hunting in Normandy with Sharon Santoni of the blog, My French Country Home and are heading to Paris for a few days of relaxation and sleeping in!

We went in search of unique treasures to fill our European Farmhouse and were delighted with the weather, the scenery, the beautiful chateau where we stayed (chateau detail to follow in future post) and all the loot we managed to find throughout the village fairs and brocante shops.

Garden inspiration was everywhere

We were thrilled with our pile of goods  and can't wait to get them back home.  If only the packing was as much fun as the shopping!

Tom even managed to find himself a new project!  Those beautiful pieces of iron are bench legs and at some point he plans to fashion old pieces of wood to re-create the bench seat.  They are exquisite!

Beautiful scenery was at every turn.

And the trip concluded with a fantastic dinner hosted by Sharon at her beautiful french country home.  In case any of you are wondering if the home is as beautiful in person as it is on her blog....I can honestly say, YES, it is all that and more!

Gibson posing for me before dinner:)
and Ghetto was the sweetest little character:)

 The weather was perfect for dining outside

But first we took a tour of her guest cottage....

It was filled with french country charm!

Sharon was the most gracious hostess and dinner at her home was the perfect way to end our time in Normandy. She has a beautiful and generous spirit and it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her.   We enjoyed every minute of our adventure!  Merci Sharon! xo

And to the colorful cast of characters that we were lucky enough to meet up with in the van pool each day....thank you for the comedic relief:)!!  It should last a good long while, but we hope to stay in touch and rendevous again somewhere down the road!!  Till then happy hunting!

Take Care,


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the fabulous report!! I'd love to visit Sharon one day, and take one of her antiquing tours. Can't wait to see more. Cool finds :)

    1. Hi Loi,
      She was absolutely charming, and it was so much fun! I could have spent another week or two scouring more villages in that area. We would love to visit again sometime:).

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