Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Sweet Nursery For Mason

I have had the best and most welcome diversion recently. I just finished decorating a nursery for our very first and very new little grandson.    My daughter chose a theme of jungle animals with  brown, orange and green tones so to keep the room looking soft, I opted for neutral walls, linen and canvas window coverings, and a crib and dresser with a distressed driftwood type finish.  Soft, Simple and Sweet was the goal.

The wall decal was a fun way to add some color without hanging anything too bulky over the crib.

The dresser and changing area

I added a few vintage toys in the play area

and simple unframed canvas art on the wall.

The existing closet doors were unattractive so we popped them off and hung canvas curtains. It also makes the space very functional. 

Shelving was added to make the most of all of the storage space-an absolute necessity for all those baby things!

But the best part is the sweet little boy who now occupies this room!  Welcome little Mason! XO!


  1. Hello, Mason!! :) Congratulations, Sarah! Mason is adorable. And his nursery is charming. The canvas curtains look wonderful.

  2. It is a lovely, soothing space, Sarah. congratulations on Mason! What a joy to be able to share.
    Love, love your blog.

  3. Well! welcome to this world, beautiful Mason! Sarah, you did a wonderful job on the nursery, I love the vintage toys (and hat of course!) and I love his name on the wall over the bed.
    I can tell that you and Tom are going to have fun.

    How old does a grandson need to be to come on a buying trip to France?! :)

    congratulations to you all


  4. OMG - so precious!!!! Mason is a love magnet!

    Happy Love Day to the entire family!


    P.S. Sarah, the room looks wonderful and soooo well organized!

  5. "M A S O N's" picture is at the last... its not good. M A S O N's room is so amazing. Warm Welcome in the world.

  6. Your little one's room is looking really very good and charming. You really decorate very well. renovations surrey

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