Saturday, February 15, 2014

Courtyard updates at the beach house!

Hello!  Having enjoyed some real down time over the holiday, we extended our little break and savored every weekend of free time in January.  Beach walks with the dogs, and time with family and friends were the only things on our immediate to do list.  Yay!!!  Well besides our real jobs :).

It's been awhile since I've shared any updates from our Pebble Beach home, but it's where the majority of our projects will be for the next six months or so. 

Our courtyard has a few updates-

The galvanized lantern hangs from an old beam we purchased from our friends at American Barn & Wood.  I plan to plant wisteria around the beam in the spring.

 It should look nice by  the existing wisteria on the arbor over our front entry.  Its already starting to sprout and  should be in beautiful bloom  by April

Tom finished the grape stake fencing around the entire courtyard.   Do you like our little charlie brown pine tree?  It may eventually  be transplanted in the back garden, but for now it kind of anchors the corner of our driveway.

 We added a few cobblestone borders around some of the planting areas. The taller cobblestone retaining walls were actually built by the original owners.

 and I've added a few french garden pieces. I can't wait to do more spring planting in here soon.

We are remodeling our hall bathroom now and I plan share more of that progress soon as well.

As for the barn house....

The barn house has a few new occupants at the moment so progress there has been sidelined for the short term, but I assure you its all good!

Our little grandson Mason and his parents moved back to California and are living in the barn house for now

 He spent his first birthday with us at the beach.   A warm sunny weekend in January. I know, crazy weather but I loved every minute of it :)

 So sweet!

and now you know what we've been up to:)  Life is good!   I'll be back soon with photos and progress on our bathroom makeover.  Take Care!


  1. Hi Sarah! Hi Mason!! Can we trade homes? :) I've had it with this frigid weather here in DC. Your courtyard is charming and looks so serene. I love all the garden ornaments and furnishings. And great job on that awesome fence, Tom!!

  2. Darling Grandson………….Love the posts and the wisteria idea………I'm new to your posts!
    I look forward to more!

  3. I'm new here too, and will have fun reading your past posts for awhile as well as the new ones. My husband and I fulfilled a long wish of mine to see Carmel just last October, so I'm happy to find bloggers from the area. Extends the memories a bit longer. We just loved the area and wish we had the means to have a second home there. Do you read Linda Hartong "Once Upon a Time...Tales from Carmel by the Sea"? - Cheryl

  4. What fun, but mostly fun have your Grandson there!! He is adorable!
    One day very soon (about 7 months from now) we will have a grandchild.....


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