Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Bathroom Renovation is Complete!

 Finally!!  Our bathroom renovation is complete. We managed to finish right before our guests arrived for the Easter holiday.

 I painted the pine sink base and Tom tiled the top with the same tumbled stone we used in the shower and on the floor.

I purchased the sink base from an antique store last year.  It looked like this back then....

Like the rest of our home,we chose creamy beige tones, rustic beams and touches of green.

We also elected to go with a shower only rather than the tub shower combination that was originally there.

We raised the ceiling and added a few rustic beams

and the walls are cloaked in the same beautiful limestone plaster we are using throughout the rest of the home.

Now, for all the horrible before photos. This was the original 1960's bath minus the three layers of wallpaper I scraped off the walls! Ugh.

We let the dust settle over the Easter holiday while our sweet little Mason came to visit-

He is getting to be such a big boy now :)

Next week a contractor and crew will start on our backyard landscape project while inside Tom is busy getting ready to plaster our guest bedroom and hallway. I am choosing fixtures, sinks, tub etc., for the master bath and bedroom remodel which is up next.  I'm so excited, the inside is almost finished!!

I'll post more of the progress soon.  Thank you for following along :)!


  1. Your bathroom renovation looks great and I love the cabinet.

  2. Now I know what you and Tom have been up to! Actually I already knew you all were working on your house projects. Looking really good, Sarah! Love the plaster walls - so organic. And how cute is Mason. What a handsome fella :) Ciao, ciao!

  3. Did you raised the legs on the cabinet? Looks awesome and true!

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