Sunday, April 28, 2013

Progress! Our Den Makeover....

We are nearing completion on our den makeover.  Tom installed the beams and coated the walls and ceiling in our favorite limestone plaster...

The photos really don't do the plaster justice..... the variations of color add such texture and depth  to the space.

The chandelier and portrait were antique store finds.

I am also making over a pair of danish lounge chairs that I plan to use in the den.  I painted the wood in several layers of gray and white and plan to have them reupholstered in an oatmeal colored linen and canvas.

The chairs were a craigslist find I bought a year ago.  I'm crazy about the art deco details and
can't wait to see them covered in the linen and canvas.

We're moving on to the bathroom makeover project we started.....will post about the progress soon!
Have a great week!


  1. As with all your projects, this is beautiful and just as elegant and relaxed! That is your signature style, Sarah. I love all the changes. Have fun with the bathroom renovation. I know I'll be impressed....can't wait to see ~ xo, Loi

  2. Sarah!!!! Magazines will be calling! Can't wait to see how those Danish chairs turn out. Love them already! I am with Loi - your bathroom will also impress!

    Hugs to you.

    ox, Mon

  3. I am new to commenting but wanted to say how beautiful it looks! I love your very good taste!

  4. I have spent a couple of hours reading your blog and looking at the photos of your remodel. You are super creative, love everything you have done. I do have a question. What exactly is limestone plaster? My husband and I are building a house and we would like to have plaster on the walls instead of paint. We had researched a product called American clay but it is a little pricey. Thanks, I really enjoyed visiting your blog. Martha in Austin


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